I just got back from a three-mile run with my roommate down around the White House and back. It was so refreshing to see it at night, and it was maybe 70 degrees out!! So beautiful.

My days lately have been a blur of walking and grocery shopping and errands and work and class. I’ve been feeling a little homesick this week. The warm weather makes me miss my parents and my dog and In & Out (ughhh, In & Out). But things are going well here. Sunday I had a fieldtrip to the National Gallery, and it reminded me of how many amazing things there are to experience in this city. I just wish I had more time! Ugh. And I haven’t even started writing my papers yet. Things are going to get even busier when Sami comes to visit from New York this week and after that, I’ll really have to get down to business, school-work wise.

Here are a few (bad) photos of what I’ve been up to lately. 


My new best friend Harold, on my cubicle wall at work.


The National Gallery of Artimage

Looking forward to this Andrew Wyeth exhibit!


All the Sriracha was gone. ;_;

This week has FLOWN by. Yesterday I made it down to the tidal basin to see the cherry blossoms on my walk home from work. This weekend is when they’ll be at their peak, so I’m glad I made it down there. Though the whole city is pretty amazing; everything is blooming.

This morning I had class. My general seminar is pretty tedious and uninspiring. I need to start putting together a source list for my 20 page paper over the weekend. Ugh.

Tonight I met my roommate at the Capitol when she got off from work and we took the metro then the GUTS bus (the unfortunate name for the free Georgetown University shuttle) the college for Relay for Life. Cassie’s a legislative ambassador for the American Cancer Society as well as a brain cancer survivor, so she went around and introduced herself to literally everyone and we met so many amazing people.  We also shared some moments where people told their cancer stories and we all cried a little bit and hugged. I’ve never been anywhere where strangers connect so instantly before.  Then we got dinner for free at the survivor’s dinner, and Cassie did the survivor’s walk before we went home.

Then I came home to an email from my favorite art history professor saying they’re considering nominating me for a departmental award. I’m so excited and honored and ugh. Just so happy. 

This weekend’s gonna be great but I really need to start working on my bazillion papers. 

Lots of love,


"I have to go baaaack."

This morning as I left my building I passed a family that were clearly tourists but were the BEST DRESSED tourists I’ve seen in this city. I would their collective style (because their clothes definitely matched in a way) “upscale casual”. Anyways, as I passed them, I realized they were all speaking French. Duh. Of course they were French. They were beautiful.
It reminded me of one of the librarians here in the European Division. He’s a Russian specialist, and a couple weeks ago, he took his first trip to Paris. He was there for two weeks. The hilarious thing is, his cubicle is right next to mine. So I’ve been able to hear basically every conversation he has. And in every one, he talks about his trip, and how amazing Paris is, and he literally groans about how he HAS TO GO BACK. And then I’m sitting there, laughing to myself in my little cubicle, because it makes me realize that no matter how old a person is or what gender or what they’re interested in, Paris has the EXACT same effect on everyone. Ugh. Let’s go, guys. Let’s all go back.

My New York Trip!!

Oh my gosh, so much happened in the past few days. I can’t even begin to tell you everything. 

On Friday, I left Union Station at around 2:30 after class. It was raining pretty hard and traffic was really bad, so the trip that was supposed to take four hours actually took six. Luckily, Sami found me without any trouble and we set off in the freezing rain to have dinner in Queens. We struggled through the metro, the bus, and across her campus, all in the name of French onion soup at the Sly Fox, which totally lived up to our expectations. Then I went and got a guest ID (ooh, ahh.)

The next day, we went to the Sami’s English department’s grad conference for breakfast and to listen to the keynote speakers. It was so nice to get to meet many of Sami’s friends and to see where she works. And the conference was so interesting! We wished we could stay for the whole thing. But we headed off to the city, and on the way (ish?) we went for Sami to get a haircut, kind of on a whim, which was awesome. Our first stop in the city was the Met, where we stayed only long enough to look at the gift shop because we decided to spend our money on the Morgan later. We ended up at Shake Shack after a restroom adventure, then headed to the Morgan Museum and Library. Neither of us had ever been, so we experienced it for the first time together, which was so nice. We were so, so impressed by the temporary exhibits. They were some of the most well-designed and curated I’ve ever seen. Like, in second place after the Musee d’Orsay’s L’impressionism et la mode. That good. On our way back home, we stopped to take photos in the middle of streets, by an antiquarian bookstore (where we saw a guy we’d seen earlier that day—“Plum Suit Guy”.), and basically all over. We stopped by Strand Book Store, which was gigantic and beautiful, before heading back to Queens, where we picked up sushi for dinner and settled in to watch Shopgirl (or at least the part that loaded. *shakes fist at laptop*). 

The next day, we woke up late, went to IHOP (because the place we wanted to do brunch opened too late and IHOP is amazing anyways), then took a nap. We barely (and I mean BARELY, with seconds to spare after running five blocks) caught my bus back to DC before it was supposed to take off. Such perfect timing that reflected the greatness of the weekend as a whole.

I’m sorry this post doesn’t very well reflect the hilariousity or fun spirit of the weekend itself. But there’s so little time these days, and I’d rather spend it sleeping than writing.

I got my own cubicle at work today, and got some positive feedback from my boss on the first few pages of my project. I emailed my supervising professor at home with a paper topic idea, too, and he approved it. I Facetimed my brother from in front of the Capitol building, and the whole city is about to bloom into springtime. Things are going so well. My friendships with my roommates, new people here, and my besties from home are all growing stronger every day. Ugh. What a great week it’s been already.

Love to you all,


This week I’ve been so frenetically busy. I wish I had more time to update about what I’ve been doing, but I’ve been too busy doing it! I hate when that happens.

Tomorrow I’m headed to New York to visit Sami. I’m so excited for that.

Photos to come,


It rained. All weekend.

Yesterday I walked to U Street and got frozen yogurt at this amazing place with my roommates. Then I went shopping at Trader Joe’s, and browsed a really nice vintage store. 

Today I went to a beauuutiful farmer’s market with Cassie. Afterwards, we were drenched and frozen, so we snuggled on the couch for a couple hours to watch The Middle before going off to our beds to nap the afternoon away. 

The weekend went so quickly! Ugh. I have so much to do this week, it’s scary.

I changed my instagram username slightly. It’s now instagram.com/what_honest_words (because people kept telling me it was hard to read without spaces. -_-) 

Hope you all have a good Monday.


Thanks so much for all the well-wishes, guys. You’re so lovely. Today I felt much better. 

I got to wake up a bit later than usual for my seminar, which was a short and nondescript class. Then I caught up on the latest episode of Modern Family before heading to the Library of Congress to have lunch with an old friend who works for Congresswoman McLeod. It was so nice to talk to him and hear what he’s been up to in DC the past year or so.

Then I went home, hoping to take a nap. But my suitemate was there and asked if I wanted to go to the National Museum of American History with her—and, of course, I had to say yes!! So we walked there and back, by which time it was almost five. I caught up on emails, talked to a few people, then decided I had to go grocery shopping.

^a photo of Joan Baez’s guitar at the NMAH. It was my favorite thing there beside’s Bob Dylan’s leather jacket. :DD

I walked to a Trader Joe’s I’d never been to before, on 14th street just before U street. That entire neighborhood was so beautiful and bustling tonight, with so many hip restaurants and bars. It was wonderful to walk through the area (though I would never spend $20 on a meal or a couple drinks so I’ll probably never actually eat there). But just to be a part of the mass of young people moving around the city was a nice feeling.

For dinner I had Trader Joe’s frozen Paneer Tikka Masala with a salad of dark greens and heirloom tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and parmesan cheese. I’ve been eating so much better here, and accomplishing so much every day, it makes me incredibly happy.

I don’t have exact weekend plans but I know I want to sleep extra, start planning my research essays, go to the gym, visit the National Gallery of Art, and talk to my family. 

Happy Friday!


Ughhh guys today was horrible. I’m definitely sick—I’ve got such bad, painful head congestion and aches all over. I spent all day reading on the computer, which added a headache on top of the rest. I was so cranky and tired when I left work (and let it affect my interactions with people, which I am really upset about), but it was warm (ish) and sunny, so I walked the three miles home, which cheered me up a little. 

Now I’m off to do power yoga (Lord help me) with my suitemate and then eat dinner and collapse in bed. So glad to only have two hours of class tomorrow so I can catch up on updating my calendar and talking to my brother and hopefully getting some rest.

Here’s a photo of the mall as I walked home.


So pretty. So tired. 




Today was the first day of my internship!!

I got to the Capitol area wayyy early because my roommate wanted to arrive early for her internship (turned out she was there before everyone else, so she was waiting outside the office door when the congressman came to let himself in. So she got some one-on-one time with him, really happy for her!!). I had breakfast at Starbucks and tried not to think about how cold it was outside (like 29 degrees, what!!) before heading to the Madison building to get my reader card. Then I wound my way through the labyrinth of tunnels up to the European Reading Room, met my boss, and talked to him for a long time. He had another intern take me down to get my ID badge (he’s hilarious and still gets lost which made me feel so good) and afterwards he took me to the gift shop to choose a Library of Congress mug to keep at my desk (my boss apparently has a tradition of buying one for every intern, SO sweet). 

^my mug!! The back has a quote from Jefferson, “I cannot live without books”. How perfect is that??

After that I had some time to order the first of (what will apparently be hundreds) my books for my project. Then my boss took me to lunch on the 6th floor cafeteria, which has a beautiful view. The food is a little expensive but some days I’ll probably supplement my home-made lunch with some fruit or pasta from the pay-by-weight restaurant. Also, the stacks in the center of the building are INSANE. They basically have all the books in the world, which, is definitely as amazing as you would imagine.

^The ridiculous spiral staircase that employees use to get around

After that, I took a tour with all the tourists of the main reading room and lobby, then began work on my project. Reading French is going to be such a struggle at first but hopefully as I get into it, it will be easier.

^The Capitol from the LoC

Then I rushed home for my first museum studies class. As I’ve already had a LOT of art history and museum studies courses, a lot of the stuff today on the history of museums was review. But the professor is amazing and I think I’ll get a lot of new insight into museum politics and curating as the quarter goes on, so I’m excited.

Anyways. I’m apparently going to the gym at 7am with my suitemate tomorrow. I need to do it now so I’ll keep getting invited later this quarter. Then I have my internship all day!!! Can’t wait to be done on Friday afternoon. I’m going to sleep for a full day, I swear.

Love to you all,


Here’s my super-sweet roommate and I on our way to the White House earlier today!! We’re gonna have a great quarter, I can already tell.

Here’s my super-sweet roommate and I on our way to the White House earlier today!! We’re gonna have a great quarter, I can already tell.