I have FIVE days off!! Class was cancelled for today, Monday’s a holiday, and I never have class or work on Tuesdays.

My plans with all that free time? Finish my museum studies and general research papers. (That way I’ll only have one paper left for the next two weeks.) Visit the Corcoran. See the new X-Men movie. Work on finding housing for this summer/next year. Go hiking with Taylor. Eat Thai food (I’ve been dying for it) and bagels. Talk to my family.

It’s gonna be great.

Ughhh where do I start?!

Elaine and I have been having a great time. She arrived Wednesday, and Thursday I worked all day but we met up for dinner and the Haim concert.  Our weekend in New York FLEW by. We went to MoMA and the Met and got totally soaked walking along Central Park (I was cackling like a maniac the whole time. E and S probably would have hit me with their umbrellas if they hadn’t needed them to stay at least a little dry) and ate a lot and walked even more. I was so glad to see Sami, as she was in the middle of finals week but still made time to visit with us. Then Sunday night after we got back to DC we had dinner + gelato with Taylor and walked to the monuments in the dark—it was late so it was practically deserted at the Lincoln.  A new experience for all of us, which was nice.

Yesterday I worked then met E. at a bar for dinner (happy hour, duh!) before we got into line for The 1975’s concert at the 9:30 Club. After the concert (which was great—the lights were incredible!) we waited an hour and a half for the band to come out.  They sent out just the lead singer, which was fine by us, and Elaine met him (I was their photographer) and almost died. Afterwards we ate at Ben’s Chili Bowl (correction—I ate. she flipped out over meeting Matty. haha) and walked home at 3am. We were so exhausted but it was a lot of fun.

Then today was my day off, so we went to Georgetown as soon as we could pry ourselves out of bed. We ate there and went shopping (I got a $100 pair of Madewell pants on sale for $20. That’s the only way to get fancy expensive stuff imo).  Then we had Greek food for lunch before rushing to the National Gallery of Women in the Arts (where I’ll be interning this summer) so I could do some research for one of my papers. We got one last round of gelato in for Elaine’s trip then trekked back to our airbnb (which is in a gorgeous building). 

Academically, I have SO MUCH going on: Friday I have to present for 15 minutes on my 20 page paper, and a rough draft is due Sunday. For my shorter paper, I’m doing research at libraries every Tuesday (my one weekday off) till the end of the quarter.  Also, the professor overseeing that project asked me to do some research for him at the Library of Congress. He’s paying me to do it, but I feel like I hardly have time for my own stuff, so it’s added pressure.  And for my really short paper, I have class tomorrow night and a proposal is due.

On top of all that, the history paper I submitted last quarter for a competition was selected to be published in the school undergrad research journal, so now I’m working with a PhD student to edit it and there are SO MANY THINGS I need to fix, because I wrote it really quickly and I don’t want to embarrass myself when it’s published. (I still don’t know yet if I won the competition/prize money for that contest, as the award ceremony isn’t till early June.) What a mess.

I’m still waiting to hear back from that job I interviewed for, but looks like my housing situation is figured out. I’m going to be living with a couple other grad students who sound SO NICE. There are two women—they let me know one of them has two dogs and one is queer in case I had any problems with that (obviously I have the opposite of a problem with both those things) and they have a little garden and a place for a hammock in the back yard. Anyways it makes me so happy that this could work out—they said my mom could stay with us too as she’ll be at UMD this summer. So that’s a relief.

Okay, sorry that was so long. And badly written. But I have no time!! Ughhh. Anyways. Here are some pictures.




I visited UMD today!! So pretty. And there are farm animals in the middle of campus? Cool I guess?

This weekend my museum studies class took a trip to the monuments and I discovered a new favorite (the FDR). I also got a horrible sunburn on my shoulders and probably my cheeks too. I won’t complain, though. At least it’s getting warm.

This weekend my museum studies class took a trip to the monuments and I discovered a new favorite (the FDR). I also got a horrible sunburn on my shoulders and probably my cheeks too. I won’t complain, though. At least it’s getting warm.

AHHH. This week went by so quickly I canNOT believe it. 

It was pretty uneventful; I didn’t go out to eat or visit any tourist-type places. It rained like crazy Monday and Tuesday, but now the weather’s perfect.

This is the first weekend since I’ve been here that I don’t have a packed schedule; except for a run to U Street for Free Comic Book Day tomorrow, I’ll probably stay in all day.  Sunday night I’ll probably have dinner with Taylor, but I’ll stay in most of that day too. The essays are planned out, and now all I have to do is sit down and write them. If only it were as easy as it sounds.

This morning I got a call to come in for an interview for a GA position at UMD’s engineering school on Tuesday.  It’s the one that my friend Heather recommended me for, and I’m SO grateful to her because her supervisor sounds really really nice. I think it would be a great working environment from everything I’ve heard about it. 

Wednesday, Elaine is flying in from California for the week!!! I can’t WAIT to share DC with her, and to introduce her to Sami over the weekend in New York. I feel so so lucky to be able to run around two amazing cities with such beautiful, incredible friends. How in the world. 

If I get my essays started, get hired for this Assistantship job (which would cut my tuition to almost nothing AND give me a stipend), AND find Elaine at the airport without incident, this next week will be a ridiculous success. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

Thanks guys. 


My weekend was spent on the White House garden tour, exploring Georgetown, doing homework, going to the farmer’s market for beets, eating out (Greek food, bagels, and an amazing farm-to-table restaurant) , hanging out in Dupont Circle enjoying the sun, and watching Captain America 2. It was so much fun. I totally get ‘living for the weekend’ now. Ugh.

As always, some photos from the past few days.


Taylor and I at the White House. 

imageMy favorite parts were the playground next to the oval office…


…and the First Lady’s vegetable garden.

imageA beautiful park in Georgetown that reminded me of Paris.

imageVanilla bean cheesecake with raspberry topping at Founding Farmers. *tears of joy*

Last night a friend asked me to a concert last-minute. I can never turn down a concert, so I had to go, of course. It was Birdy with Christina Perri. Both of them were adorable, and gave such good performances. 

imageMy phone takes bad photos from far away so I don’t even try, really.

Today another friend gave me tickets for this weekend’s White House garden tours, which means I don’t have to stand in line for hours like a tourist. Whoohoo! This was one of the weekends I didn’t have plans, but at least Saturday morning and parts of Sunday (I’m going to the farmer’s market then on a dinner date!) are busy now. It’s crazy how things just come up. And I’m not regretting it at all, except (a little) when it comes to my big essays, which I still have yet to start.

Oh, and I had to find my way to the Capitol via the tunnels to meet up with my friend. RIDICULOUS. Here’s a photo of the main tunnel (most of them don’t look like this. They look practically like subway corridors)


And here’s a picture of the old card catalogs that are apparently just hanging out in the basement hallways since the Library went digital. I found these while I was hopelessly lost, so, I guess it wasn’t a total waste.

imageAnyways, it’s been another busy week so far. Luckily my Friday class has been cancelled in favor of twenty-minute individual meetings about our papers. Or…maybe unluckily.

Thanks for reading!!

Also last night Ralph Nader came to give us a talk for our Monday Night Forum and he told us to always avoid the corporate mindset and be freethinkers who are critical of everything and to challenge what we think is wrong and he sounded just like my mom, which cracked me up. Mom, you should run for the Green Party’s elections.

And for dinner I cooked the beets I got at the farmer’s market this weekend and they were amazing. I”m obsessed with beets.

I think that’s all, for now.

Oh man. So Saturday was perfect. Sami and I went to brunch at Saint Ex, which I now think of as “our” spot even if we don’t get to eat there again. There was a record store right next door that had a long line for Record Store Day.  We jumped into it and when we got into the store, we each bought a couple records and Sami picked up two free William Fitzsimmons tickets (which she then (wonderful human that she is) bequeathed to me because she would be back home by the time the concert happened on Sunday.

Then we went back to my apartment to drop off our purchases and rest for a bit before heading off to the zoo.  My roommate Cassie came along, and we met Taylor, the guy I’ve been dating, when we got to the metro stop.  We all walked around the zoo together (there were SO MANY PEOPLE) and the weather was beautiful. We spend a ridiculous amount of time in line to see the pandas (I definitely have to go back on a less-busy day!) then walked back to the metro. Cassie left us to go rest at home, as she was recovering from a pretty bad cold. So Taylor, Sami and I headed to Eastern Market to check out the farmer’s market, the used bookstore there, and to have dinner. We had pizza, then went to the gelato place next door for dessert. 

After dinner, we went back to my apartment to rest some more, then headed out to a couple bars to celebrate Sami’s 22nd birthday (which is today, by the way! Happy birthday darling. xx) with drinks and boy-stalking. We were out past midnight, which was fun for a change. 

We got home and went to sleep, then woke up Sunday morning ready to eat. Aha. We walked to Dupont Circle and got THE most amazing bagels, with stops at Starbucks (for coffee), the farmer’s market (for apples), CVS (for snacks for Sami’s busride home) and Krispy Kreme (also for the bus voyage). We went home and enjoyed our beautiful food, then Sami packed up and we went to meet her bus.

That night Taylor and I went to see William Fitzsimmons and the concert was just beautiful. It was such a good night. 

Today (Monday) was pretty uneventful. But I’ve just realized it’s week four. Or five? already. Time is going way too fast. Ugh.

I miss Sami already!! We had such fun (and good food). 

Back to the veggie and quinoa, no-Sami grind. Boo.

The first full day of Sami’s visit was awesome! After my class ended at noon, we headed out to Chipotle’s Southeast Asian-inspired chain, Shophouse, for lunch. We went to a used bookstore and browsed for a while, then headed to the National Mall for tourist time. We visited the Hirshorn, the National Botanical Gardens, and the National Gallery of Art. Then we went to see the Lincoln Memorial, and had dinner at THE most amazing and delicious restaurant called Founding Farmers. 

Today we’re having brunch on 14th street and hitting up the record stores (ITS RECORD STORE DAY HOLY COW), which are all clustered in the U Street neighborhood. Then we’re going to the zoo with my roommate in the afternoon, and heading to Eastern Market for dinner (we’re celebrating Sami’s birthday) and probably heading out to a bar or concert afterwards.

What a perfect, amazing, time-of-my-life kind of weekend. 

Here, have some photos from yesterday.

imageShophouse noodle bowl! :3

imageSami with the Capitol building!

imageBeauuutiful plants at the botanical gardens

imageSpring is the best.

imageCamera-obsessed at the National Gallery of Art.